Taylor Denize is an artist, designer, and illustrator based in NY. She started her creative journey by earning a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & E-Commerce, but her love for art led her to pursue Graphic Design. 

Taylor's art is a vibrant fusion of nostalgia and contemporary expression. Her work evokes the spirit of 90s cartoons, harking back to the animations that captivated her and her generation during childhood. In her creations, Taylor contemplates the profound challenges of life, delving into themes such as mental health, the intricacies of human behavior, and the hypocrisies within society. These deep and often dark concepts find contrast in Taylor's use of bold and vivid colors, which soften the starkness of her art's inherent intensity. Much like the cartoons that inspire her, her art employs humor as a coping mechanism to navigate the hurdles life presents.

Through Taylor's art, viewers will find a mirror reflecting the complexity of the human experience. Her art is an intimate reflection of experiences, emotions, thoughts, and existential introspection, spanning the spectrum from the abstract to the overtly confrontational. It's an exploration of emotions that offers both solidarity and recognition, a testament to the universal nature of our shared existence.